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Allana + Matt, Woodlands Crossfit E-session

Well, here’s something out of the ordinary. Meet fitness power couple Allana and Matt. Not only do they work in the medical industry for their dayjobs, they also run a popular fitness bootcamp called Crossfit of Aces in The Woodlands, north Houston.

Fitness is a lifestyle. So, when Allana told me she wanted engagement photos of her and Matt in their gym, I knew exactly what look to go for. Multiple strobes, hard lighting, and strong shadows – the same complex lighting principles used in fitness magazine editorials.

And here’s the coolest part. After Allana roundhouse-kicked Matt out of the building, she got in her wedding dress and did bridal portraits in the gym! Well, that’s as much as I can tell you right now. Wait until after their wedding to see one of the most unique bridal sessions I have ever done. Enjoy!

The Woodlands Wedding Photographer

Crossfit boot camp
Crossfit The Woodlands
The Woodlands Photographer
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The Woodlands Engagement Photographer

Crossfit class
The Woodlands Crossfit
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Jenn Harrison - What an awesome shoot! Great images!

Cathy + Justin, Photobooth Fun

Just a quick post from last weekend. Look who’s having fun at the photobooth!

The Waterway Marriott Wedding
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Fotopromedia - Love this shot!

Dream Weddings Bridal Show in The Woodlands

Last week was an exciting time for me. I exhibited a booth at the Dream Weddings Bridal Show held at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott. I spoke to dozens and dozens of excited brides that I just about lost my voice by the end of the show. I’ve already followed up with several brides who contacted me after the show and a few meetings are in line. Yay!

Here are some pics of my booth setup. Pics were taken with a Canon G12. It’s a neat little P&S (point & shoot). Funny, because I shoot weddings with Nikon gear.

the woodlands bridal show

dream weddings bridal show

As you can see here’s a portrait of Ashley and another one with bride and groom walking up the stairs. These were taken at The Hyatt Market Street. That place is absolutely gorgeous. I mean just absolutely chic, stylistic, modern, flat-out gorgeous. Well, the general manager of said hotel found his way in my booth, sat down, and looked at the photo set in one of the albums. Plans are set to have a few of these displayed at the hotel. Sweeeeeeeeet…

the woodlands wedding photographer
the woodlands waterway marriott and convention center
bridal show the waterway marriott

Alex Kilbee - Wow, that is one hecticly cool looking wedding stand there!
Hope you get a load of bookings from the show.


Two weeks to go!!! Bridal Show in The Woodlands

the woodlands bridal show

YES! What, is that an engagement ring on your hand? (ha I sound like a late night TV salesman) But who cares? One of the biggest, most anticipated bridal shows outside of downtown Houston is just around the corner! Dream Weddings Bridal Show is gonna be at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott for their annual “intimate” bridal show. What makes it different is that most of the exhibitors are local to the area, making it easier for you to plan and coordinate your big day! The best part, (for me at least) is that I’m gonna be there! It is my first time and I cannot wait until I get to showcase my booth. Lots of work going into the booth. Booth is driving me crazy! Me have love-hate relationship with booth. But, it’s all good because it’s gonna be faaantastic.

So far I have booked 1/4 of my max weddings to shoot on this coming wedding season. So if you are a bride and are looking into some quality photography without compromise, stop by Booth 314. Take advantage of the UNREAL deal I am offering to all brides who book that day.

Sunday, February 26, at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott. Booth 314. See you there – can’t wait!

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