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Stephanie + Jarrett | Downtown Chicago Engagement

I got the opportunity to do an e-session of this lovely couple from Chicago. It is such a beautiful city and we had a lot of fun working on some unusual locations that are very characteristic of a city which boomed during the industrial revolution.
We started on one of Chicago’s beaches along the shores of Lake Michigan which is the first shot here. There were sand dunes right by this huge surf shack type restaurant that was shaped like a boat. Amidst the hundreds of bikers, beach volleyball players, sunbathers, frisbees and some fitness buffs jogging down Lake Shore Drive, we snapped a few shots and quickly realized how hot the sand was! We were out of there in 5 minutes ,but not without getting awesome shots!
I also told Jarrett and Stephanie how I loved the old industrial feel in certain areas of the city – and they’re not hard to find. Within minutes of driving around I spotted a lot under the L Train. It was just asking for a photo shoot! It was nice and under the shade so we got a good amount of shots there.
Our last location was a storage facility out of a very old building. I was there just a day ago with my brother, who also lives in this city, as he dropped off some stuff from his apartment. Anticipating the engagement shoot the next day, I immediately decided it was a location we had to do. The old iron cage elevator was perfect.
Jarrett and Stephanie, thank you for such a wonderful time in the windy city!

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I actually just finished two years of studying to be a registered nurse and through the last stretch I started taking photos of my classmates. Here are some of them.


Today the mayor of the City of Tomball, Gretchen Fagan, presented a check raised from a fund raiser held about a month ago to Tomagwa Clinic. A community clinic that benefits many residents of Tomball and it’s surrounding areas. This picture will be published in several newspapers in the coming days. I’m excited!

Ok, so I know in the professional photography world, this is nothing. Even amateur pictures make it to the paper all the time. But, like an 8-year old boy getting his first skateboard, I’m very excited that my photo was “published!” I can say that now… “I’m a published photographer. Are you published? I am. Published! That is correct.” *cough* ahem… Okay. I’m… finished.
Here is the link to the story: (Click Here)

Mary & Kara | The Woodlands Family Portrait

The Texas Bluebonnet is probably the most recognizable flower in the entire state of Texas. Come spring of each year these pretty flora pop up everywhere. Sometimes, in the most dangerous places – along Texas highways. But Mary knew better and picked a safe place to take pictures with her daughter Kara. I had so much fun watching mother and daughter goof around in what has become a modern Texas tradition.

Thanks Kara for making my job so easy!
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