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Sarah + Angel, My Own Wedding!

So, folks… I got married last month. That’s right, I got hitched. It’s such a weird feeling. Being a guy, everybody asked if I was nervous or if I felt the “jitters” before the big day. But no, it was awesome. I was so excited to tie the knot that I felt so relaxed the week of the wedding. Family was in town, friends close by, great company, and just a lot of love. There is not a better present this Christmas than being blessed with a wonderful wife to spend the rest of my life with. And I am stoked!

Here’s a highlight slideshow from my wedding last November. Photos by Denver-based Photographer, Brooke Trexler. (Thanks Brooke!) You can find her blog of awesome photos HERE.

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Angel - [to Joni Schrantz ] Well all credit is to the wonderful photographer who captured it – Brooke Trexler!

Joni Schrantz - You captured some great moments! Really enjoyed this slideshow!

Alex - Congrats!
It’s a weird feeling being the subject for a change isn’t it? :D
Here’s to a happy marriage!

Ashley + Matt, The Woodlands Bride and Groom Photography

So, a few days ago I posted Ashley and Matt’s wedding as I normally do. But, I also mentioned that we got so many bride and groom portraits that I could not include them all in the same post! Well, here they are. Enjoy.

Check out their wedding here:

And their engagement session here:

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Fotopromedia - You do amazing work! Very inspiring.

Allison - Great work! I love the shot of the bride in front of the window.

Al - Beautiful; love the shot with them kissing under the veil especially. Gorgeous work.

Lem - Your black and white work is stunning.

Brandis Alves - Stunning wedding! how beautiful :) Congrats!

Brett Symes - I so love the black and white interior shots of the couple. A fantastic use of natural light and beautifully processed. Stunning pictures

Carrie - Absolutely stunning!

AdonyeJaja - stunning work! with a stunning couple!

Jonathan Ivy - beautiful! love the Avia shots!

Sara K Byrne - The photo of the bride in the window is so dreamy, what a dress!

Dustin Prickett - Beautiful Angel, some really awesome frames in there!

Jared Tseng - Stunning! Love the bw shot of her in front of the window!

Amber Hughes - Beautiful couple – love the shot of the two of them looking at each other on the deck. Great connection between them :)

Heather J. - Absolutely beautiful Angel. I love all the different types of light you found/used.

Tall - Lovely! That waterfall is incredible and the bride is so comfortable! Well done!

Paul Benjamin - What an absolutely stunning couple, both of them are great looking.

It helps that they are clearly extremely happy and you’ve captured it so well.

Nick - Stunning! Beautiful photographs and bride!

James - Superb work! The bride is sooo stunning, she could easily be a model!

Nora - Beautiful work and how stunning is the bride! :)

Ashley+Matt, Conroe & Woodlands Wedding Photography

The lovely couple who is Ashley and Matt are now o-fficially married! Remember their engagement session last May? Time flies. Their ceremony was held at one of the nicest venues I’ve photographed – Heather’s Glen in Conroe. The details in there are beautiful. It’s very well designed and the layout is full of lovely photographic opportunities that I could’ve sworn it was designed for a photographer. The staff was very nice, too. Thank you, Lisa for showing me around because I was 45 minutes early!

We took a lot of photographs in the bride’s room then proceeded with the ceremony where close family and friends attended. Everyone was ecstatic. Eyes wide, big grins, neck muscles stretched. You only ever see that discreet, rather restrained excitement in weddings, just before the ceremony. It’s contagious, too!

Their intimate ceremony was followed by a celebration at Market Street in The Woodlands. Jasper’s Gourmet Backyard Cuisine is where the newlywed’s reception was held. Ashley and Matt selected cupcakes for their wedding cake, as many brides do nowadays. Gigi’s Cupcakes made them. Mmmmm. After some thank you’s and well-wishes to the couple by their guests, food was served. Jasper’s had some really good lemon rotisserie chicken, by the way. Ashley and Matt then showed everyone a slideshow of photos they put together. Watching it, you could tell they were meant for each other. The mothers agree, as they cried in the end.

The celebration ended with a quick bouquet toss with Ashley’s bridemaids and close friends. Then, ready for more pictures, I walked with the now Mr. and Mrs. Matt Goold around Market Street and to their hotel, The Avia. We ended up with a lot of bride and groom shots that I have to post a separate entry just for them! All in all it was a wonderful day. Congratulations, Matt and Ashley!

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James - wedding photographer new york - Great job on capturing such a beautiful wedding.

adam houseman - The last black and white is such a beautiful storytelling moment. Beautifully captured Angel.

Jared Tseng - You caught some incredible moments here! Really solid set!

Leah Muse - What a classy day! Such a good job at capturing every moment of their day.

Heather - Love your clean crisp style!!

Johanna - Love the BW’s, especially the one where the bride is sitting at the table and raising her glass. Really beautiful wedding :)

Ryan Brenizer - Stunning. I absolutely love her dress, and the shot in the window shows off how great she looks in it to full effect.

Rebecca - Gorgeous bride! I love the cupcake shot, and I am in love with her dress! Nicely captured!

Kat - Love the photo of the two of them walking down the aisle as a married couple. Really, really great black & white conversion. Totally works.

Ashley+Matt Preview, Conroe Wedding Photography

So.. I’m on the home stretch of finishing photos from Ashley and Matt’s wedding. But, half an hour of my time was wasted because all I did was stare at this one photo of Ashley. I got up, got a drink, walked back to my editing room, stood behind my computer chair and stared at it. To me, it just glows. And I keep looking around it, wondering if there are elements taking away from the center of the photo. Nope. Even I was drawn in to the focus of the image… the bride.

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Sondra - Stunning picture, great pose! Can’t wait to see more of the wedding pictures!

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