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Out to Lunch, A Personal Vacation Post

I rarely blog non-wedding stuff. But I feel it’s important that readers and brides know why it’s taking me days to get back with them;)To all brides who have not heard from me, I sincerely apologize as I have had spotty service on my phone to check emails, and my junk mail inbox, which junks even legitimate emails possibly from you, can only be checked on my home computer. I will get back in touch with you as soon as I’m back. Promise!

You may not know this, but I’m actually on vacation. Well, not entirely. I flew overseas to attend my brother’s wedding. But more than just a wedding, it was a reunion for my entire family – the first time in more than a decade. The flight here was long and tiring. My wife and I flew Houston – Moscow – Singapore – Manila – and finally my hometown… Davao. With layovers and time change, we left Houston on Saturday and didn’t get to Davao until Tuesday. But, we eventually got here.

And here we are indeed. If you wonder about my post title, “Out to Lunch,” it’s because compared to the fast-paced, busy lifestyle in the United States, Davao is still very laid back. Everything and everyone is late. From flights, to hospitality service, to restaurants, to my own relatives and their dog, are usually late. Which, in our culture is quite normal and “on time.” And if you go up to a counter in a bank, a mall information desk, a zip-line adventure spot at high noon, you will be greeted with – you guessed it – a sign saying “Out to Lunch.”

That’s not to say it’s an entirely bad thing. Before I moved to the U.S., this was – now that I’m reminded of it – how things were. And they still are. Maybe it’s the American lifestyle – oftentimes not our choosing – that moves so fast you barely have time for anything. On the other hand, people here take their time. And sometimes that can be a beautiful thing. Heck, I felt like it was exactly what I needed.

Many things have changed since I left. But one thing remains. One thing that I saw towards the end of my 36-hour intercontinental travel ordeal. One thing I realized when my little regional airplane was descending over Davao at the break of dawn. One thing, thru the test of time truly remains… There is no place like home.

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