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Stefanie + Daniel, St. Mary’s Plantersville Wedding

I couldn’t be more excited to post Stefanie and Daniel’s wedding today, Thanksgiving! I know Stefanie from my dayjob at the hospital. When I met her she eventually found out I did wedding photography. Well, I knew she wasn’t engaged yet because as a wedding photographer I constantly look at women’s left hands. Creepy, I know. Let me know if you find a shooter who doesn’t. It’s like nurses looking at people’s nice juicy veins at the airport terminal gate!

Anyway, Stefanie’s eyes gleamed like no other and I had a feeling that this girl just knew that sometime soon, “he’s” gonna pop the question – whomever this guy may be. (Oh man, as I’m writing this post I just realized this is gonna be a pretty good writeup.)

So, I was shopping around for antiques at old town Tomball, examining this americana style chair when I heard a familiar voice. Stefanie was shopping around with his boyfriend, who she introduced to me as Daniel. So I said hi, shook his hand, and added “Oh, I’m also a wedding photographer.” Later at work, Stefanie and I were laughing at the little inside joke I threw in there when I introduced myself to Daniel.

Several weeks had passed when I sat on my computer and saw Stefanie’s exciting facebook post. She said yes. And the rest my friends… you already know.

Congratulations Stefanie and Daniel!

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Leigh Ripps - Beautiful work! Looks like it was a great party!

Fotografo Bodas - These are beautiful couple pics. Great light in the church, love the framing too.

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