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Katie + Daniel | Cypress Wedding

One of the greatest rewards of shooting weddings is the cascade of human emotion I get to see through my camera’s viewfinder. I know it’s rather cheesy, but it’s true. It’s quite a challenge to focus on your task as both a journalist and an artist when all you see are glossy eyes and tightened lips. Clearly, someone is about to cry. The next thing I know, I feel a lump in my throat.
Daniel and Katie’s wedding was one such event. It was full of raw emotion. No one held back. It was a genuine “happiest moment of my life” moment for the bride. I could not be more pleased with the photos I came up with, as they truly tell a story. This is why I photograph weddings.

This photo was taken right after the exit or recession of the ceremony. The bride and groom hugged as the rest of the bridal party followed behind them.
The bride on this photo could not be more perfect. The emotion on her face just shows it all. For the bride, this is what months of planning and years of waiting has come down to. It is definitely one of my favorite shots.
This one was taken from behind a lit tree during the cake cutting. I was going to post the actual cake cutting, but this shot was priceless.
The father and daughter dance has got to be the most emotional moment of the whole night. It gets me every time.

The night ends with a beautiful newlywed couple. And the best part is, this unforgettable night was eternalized with beautiful photos.

Tonight, Sam from StudioZaza was the videographer and had me and another photographer take the wedding pictures. We split our roles and worked our behinds off. What a great wedding!
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