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I did a video interview today. It looked like one of those network interviews because I used 3-point lighting, which is the foundation of any complex video lighting. You’ll have the main “key light” on the subject’s face and opposite and high above behind the subject is the “back light” to add the rim or “hair light” on the subject. Then you have the “fill light” to the side to light up the shadows caused by the “key” light.

It was fun, since I don’t do it often and for a good reason – it takes a lot of set up time. Especially if it’s at someone’s house, or any unfamiliar setting where you have to be creative and flexible. And for someone who does it seldom – it’s hard. But it was worth it. Always a good and positive experience.
Post-production? Very tasking, takes hours. But puts a smile on your face when you’re done. And it’s only a 3-minute interview! About 7 man hours were put in to produce this.
That was 8 am this morning. My afternoon baby portrait session was cancelled so I spent the afternoon doing video editing and I finished the 3-minute clip.
I then set out to a well-known hardware store to get me a new “something.” Yep, it’s exactly that. I don’t know. But as I walked around, I found this very light aluminum ladder that was taller, more stable, and a lot lighter than my current 3 step ladder that I always keep in the back of my car.
For photo shoots you gotta have a ladder handy… always. Now, in the last wedding, I almost fell because on collapsible A-frame ladders that we all have at home, the steps (that also fold) sometimes wobble. And that would’ve cost me my camera, and everything hooked up to it. Not to mention medical bills.
So now, I have a better ladder that will keep me safe, stable, and help me take better pictures. Gotta love it.

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